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$4 Cover Charge

About the cover charge. Nobody likes a cover charge, however...


Some bands prefer to take a smaller up front payment plus a door charge in lieu of larger gauranteed payment. These bands that have established themselves over time with a large following feel they can be rewarded with a potential greater take due to hard work they have put in over the years.

Some long time established acts command a high fee and the cover charge helps offset the cost of providing high quality entertainment.

The Math of a $4 cover charge.

A band will provide four hours of entertainment for your $4 cover charge. That is $1 an hour for a typical 4 person band, OR 25 cents per hour per person to provide entertainment for you. This is BEFORE any costs for their sound and light guys. Not much when you break it down per person. Bands have had very tough time the past year and half with some not playing but a few shows in the past 18 months. A $4 cover charge solely benefits the entertainment that we bring in. Please support local music.

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